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The Museum

The Haas Collection

Motorcycling is a passion that exerts an intoxicating grip on any soul it touches. But you need not twist a throttle or feel the road below to experience the passion or feel the raw escape.  Just walk through the expansive portal of The Haas Moto Museum, and you will instantly feel its grip. 

The sheer expanse of The Haas Collection, with over 230 motorcycles spanning 13 decades, is a joyous revival of a cultural phenomenon that continues to evolve to this day.  From the time when a crude gas tank was first strapped onto a bicycle frame to the creation of radical new designs that push the outer limits of the imagination, The Haas Collection has no equal anywhere, with its seemingly endless array of truly unique motorcycles embedded in a venue of unparalleled beauty.   

Not only does the Collection immerse you in the evolution of motorcycles from 1899 to the present day, it also unveils an unparalleled collection of over 60 custom motorcycles—a dazzling testament to the Renaissance notion of inventors creating art for the sake of art, with no blueprint or predecessor to guide their hands.

Step into a world where the fantasy of limitless speed blends with the reality of mechanized motion, where the motorcycles are elevated on custom platforms and surrounded by one-off metallic sculptures that enliven the total experience.

And when you experience this gem of a Collection, the word connectivity will no longer mean what it did when you entered.  It will not refer to emails or texts—it will instead bring to mind generations of escape artists connected only to the ribbon of road that unraveled beneath their feet and the wind and the scenery that were their constant companions.

Magnant Debon and Henderson De Luxe at the Haas Moto Museum.

About the Museum

The expansive 20,000SF Haas Moto Museum & Sculpture Gallery, with its Collection of over 230 motorcycles and a premier array of metallic sculptures, is designed in an extremely user-friendly way so as to provide our guests with a comprehensive yet straightforward exposure to the major facets of motorcycle culture. 

For a complete list of bikes, click here.

The 1903 Clement Model D at the Haas Moto Museum.

History Hall

History Hall offers a leisurely stroll through the entirety of motorcycle history, arranged in chronological order from late 19th century bicycle frames with attached gas tanks to the throbbing power stations of ultra-modern road warriors.  The cavernous contours of History Hall afford each cycle ample room to breathe aboard its custom-designed platform. Regardless of whether you are a newcomer to this world or a moto aficionado, the diversity of over 70 motorcycles in History Hall will leave you breathless, convinced that no other place in the pantheon of motorcycle museums may boast such a collection.

The Racetrack at the Haas Moto Museum.

The Racetrack

The Race Track features a cluster of world record holders that span 60 years and two continents, including:  The Peril Speed Equipe, a trio of racers by Englishman Bill Bragg (1960-1962); Asymmetric Aero and T200 by Alp Sungurtekin (2014 and 2017), and Salt Shaker by Max Hazan (2019).

Sidecar Alcove

Bridging the transition between The Race Track and The Custom Shop, the area known as Sidecar Alcove is a tribute to the segment of motorcycle culture where three-wheeled machines afforded a spacious compartment for companions. Whether intended for the rigors of wartime or the comforts of a country road, sidecars are a rich diversion from the mainstay of solo machines. 

The Black Knight by Max Hazan in the Custom Shop at the Haas Moto Museum.

Custom Shop

The Haas Moto Museum devotes an uncommonly large portion of its space to the occupants of The Custom Shop, a clear acknowledgement that the design and fabrication of one-off custom motorcycles represents the very pinnacle of motorcycle design and engineering.  No other motorcycle museum in the world boasts a collection of sheer creativity and artistic excellence that rivals The Custom Shop at The Haas Moto Museum.

Sculptures and Artwork

Throughout the entire Museum is a diverse array of metal sculptures that echo the artistry of the motorcycles that stand nearby — ranging in size from a series of  miniature “found metal” bikes painstakingly constructed piece-by-piece, to the life-sized "Through the Wall" trio of motorcycles crashing through walls of concrete, glass, and plaster. In addition, the walls of the Museum embrace our guests within a flowing bevy of custom and commissioned paintings, including the largest collection anywhere in the world by noted artist Makoto Endo, who uses chopsticks as his paintbrush.

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